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ViEWORLD publish my project Pantomcity in the January number

ViEWORLD publish my project Pantomcity in the January number Click to read: ——————- PDF | Table of Contents: 001 | COVER PHOTO – Magdalena Röseler 006 | [Prove Your Photography] – “The Invisible Mirror” 010 | Tomasz Domagała – “Everyday in Warsaw” 028 | Magdalena Röseler – “Industrial Nature” 048 | Isabel Corthier – “Encounters in South Sudan” 068 | Mike Lee – “City of Shadows” 086 | Mirko Arganese – “Phantom City” 102 | Włodzimierz Abramczyk – “Illusion” 122 | [Street View Photography] – Hot Shots Submit to #12 issue!: Newsletter: 0 likes



In Phantom city the citizens had a different and fleeting consistency. It’s hidden somewhere in the world and no one is allowed to cross the borders. Are continuously kept in a hypnotic state through mind control, in spite of everything, some manage to break free from mental cages imposed by the system and escape from the prison. —————————————————————————————— A Phantom city gli abitanti hanno una consistenza diversa ed effimera. è nascosta in qualche parte del mondo e a nessuno è permesso varcare i confini. Vengono continuamente tenuti in uno stato ipnotico tramite controllo mentale, nonostante tutto, alcuni riescono a liberarsi […]